No Accidents

If 2015 taught me anything is that there are no accidents in life. That the challenges we face are all part of the things that will get us to becoming who we intend to be.

However, there is a difference between who we intend to be and our plans. Most often than not we tend to confuse to thinking they are one of the same.

Our plans are the strategies and roads we think we need to take to go where we intend to go. It is merely a means. The school, company, country, relationships of your choice are all means.

But where we end up, it boils down to intention.

The energy you harvest inside will seep out to the world and it will find ways to bring the things you are seeking.

If you give love, you will receive love.

If you give hate, you will receive hate.

A lot of times we get disappointed when things don’t go according to plan. Because we think it’s a sign that the thing we seek is not meant for us or we are not good enough for it.

That kind of thinking or approach can be very damaging. For a diamond can only be made under pressure.

Know that whatever that is meant for you will never slip your fingers. But also keep in mind that you will only find your destiny if you take action.

The most important question we can ask ourselves is who and what kind of person do we want to be. In all our choices, whether it be in relationships, health, or career, by end of the day all these little pieces of us will sum up to a person.

Once it’s all over the only thing you’ll get to bring with you to the grave is that person and you will live with a mirror for eternity to look at yourself.

So, whoever you decide to be, that’s your choice.

That is no accident.


Pay attention to the voice that does not use words, that is speaking to us all at this very instant.

If you can start to listen and see beyond your senses you will come to realize that your life is not an accident.

You were chosen to be where you are right now. That it was circled on a map for you before you started paving way to it.

There are no accidents. Only intentions that lead us to our marked spot on the map.


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