Zilzar Life: Faith and Modernity

zlife-inspired“One faith, diverse lifestyles.”

The act of keeping the faith and keeping up with the times, can be quite a challenge. Especially in a society where their narration is that faith and progress are two contradicting concepts.

To me faith is a good catapult to progress in life and it mashes well in our modern times. However, not everybody would agree on this. There are even some people out there who would deliberately make the journey hard for anyone striving to this direction.

A lot of my work is to strive for that balance and one of the platform you may read the rest of my work can be found in Zilzar Life.

Zilzar Life is an online platform connecting Muslim Millennials around the globe, to showcase the culturally diverse lifestyles revolving around one Muslim identity, rooted in faith. 

Zilzar Life has published some original articles I wrote such as:

1) Father and Son: Hard Conversations http://zilzarlife.com/father-and-son-hard-conversations/

2) 9 Spiritual lessons from Jedi Knights http://zilzarlife.com/9-spiritual-lessons-from-jedi-knights/

You may read the rest of my work at Zilzar Life through this link: http://zilzarlife.com/author/ridzwan/

I will be sharing some of my work from there, on this platform from time to time. Till then, to those of you striving for faith and modernity, the struggle is real but you’re not alone. Just keep hustling!


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