Hypnosis, Damien Rice: Journey To Self Awakening.


Hypnosis is a song by Damien Rice, from the Prophet’s soundtrack. The Prophet is an animated film based on Khalil Gibran’s book of the same title.

The song’s central theme is on the journey of self-awakening, and recovering control of one’s emotions. Some themes from the song speaks of fear, love, life, ego, and wealth. It’s a beautiful song for struggling souls out there trying to make sense of life.

Here are some of the themes I find to be interesting for a coffee table talk,


1) Fear

“When you know who you are, and can see through your veils, your old fears become wind in your sails, then your heart heat unfurled, from the hypnosis of your world,”

 There’s this saying that human beings are created in a state of anxiety. Our constant panic due to our fear is what cause all the horror that humans has perpetuate. That fear stems from our lack of understanding. Not just a lack of understanding of others but ourselves.  By understanding our own fear, anger, depression and aggression, is the first step for us to contribute to the world in a positive light. Fear has caused more war and destruction above everything else. If we can learn to let that fear go, we can create a better world to live in.


2) Love is in the unseen

“When you know who you are, the darkness the light, love loves it all, cause love has no fight, what has passed is a dream, what is not here is not what it seems,”

Love can always be found in the unseen. You can find love in darkness or light. In life, we at times find the people and things we have surrounded ourselves around with for the longest time, has no love for us nor us for them. Some memories of lost loved ones can seem barely real, while some are as alive as we first encounter them.  There’s not enough shrines or idols can be erected up in the world to prove love exists in one’s heart. Only through action, and time can we get a glimpse into the hearts of others if we can get a chance to glimpse it at all.

The only place we can really search for love is by looking into our own hearts.


3) The Ego

“When you know who you are and have nothing to hide, loves at your feet and the hands at your side, when yours ears are your words, the silence can always be heard,

 When you know who you are, you can’t help but let go, you know no ones right, you know you don’t know, the paradox becomes less absurd, as your hypnosis unwhirls,”

 Our ego is one of the biggest barriers to finding love in our life. The fact we refuse to listen to others and think we always need to be right, can be detrimental to ourselves and any relationship we may form in the future.

If we can learn to accept there are as many paths to the truth as there are people on the planet, only then we have started on a path of inner peace and to let go of the ego. By letting go of our ego, we have also set ourselves free from our own mental slavery.


 4) Life’s Pains

“Did it crush, did it shatter? Did it break or scatter? Did it tear your little heart in two?

What’s done is over, yeah if you want something new, just pull yourself together now,”

 So, you do not need me, Damien Rice or anyone else to tell you that life can suck big time from time to time. But to learn to let go of the ego, hard times are necessary. To be truly aware of our existence, pain and ease need to come hand to hand. Anybody who has ever exercised intensely for a short period can tell you how 15 minutes can be so grueling, and what a relief one minute can be when water break is given.

The one thing I always ask myself is “How in God’s name do I deal with this situation?” every time I find myself in a new predicament.

There’s this Moroccan saying I recently heard that says “Relax the mind and learn to swim”.

When someone is learning how to swim, the first thing they need to do is to learn to relax, otherwise they’ll drown. That’s pretty much what being alive is all about. Learn to relax, and get comfortable with the discomfort of the pain we’ll go through. If not, we’ll drown in this life before we even leave it.

 5) Gratitude

“All I have is all I need, and all I need is here now”

In life we confuse our wants and needs all the time. It’s normal. We can never run out of wants, just like our needs will always be there for us. Being in a middle class society, people have used terms like surviving to me in quite a narrow definition. To the people in my class of society, survival has been defined as getting into loans with Banks to get big cars, bigger houses, and to buy more things.

With this mind set we forget that there are those on the street of the cities who in their own minds, they are also just surviving. Barely enough food to feed themselves once a day, and yet I’ve met some of the most generous people out on the street. Now that is being alive.

Of course I don’t think this verse of the song is asking us to renounce all our worldly wealth. I think it’s a call towards gratitude more than anything. Know that if you have food on the table, roof over your head, and an internet connection, you are blessed in ways you can’t imagine. Just don’t let the wealth get into our hearts.

As Ali once said. “Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you”.


Take a listen to the song yourself and please share your thoughts with me.


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