Divine Beauty

The world we live in is filled with infinite beauty if we look around. Beyond all the chaos and destruction caused by men, there is beauty in the nature that surrounds us. The flowers, birds, trees, clouds, rocks and rivers all move with such grace and precision. If we observe them, there is no wonder that it is said that all of the creation on earth is constantly glorifying God.


God is beautiful, therefore he loves beauty in his creation. Each creation is assigned with a unique task and when they do their duty in this world they have glorified God. The trees that grow the fruits to give sustenance to other creatures. The Bees that pollinate the flowers in order for plants to reproduce. The precision and design of each creation are so unique and intricate. God must have an eye for detail to ensure this.


As humans, we too have our unique purpose in this world. God has created us to look for the beauty that he has set around us. By observing beauty around us we ought to strive to produce beauty in our own lives.


But what does it really mean for us to strive for divine beauty within us? Does it mean that we become Angels on earth? No, our beauty lies in our flaws as humans.  These flaws are the thing that allows us to strive to be better than what we were yesterday.


The divine beauty of being human is that we make mistakes throughout our lives and we get scared in life more than we like to keep track. But we have the choice to grow. Just like the trees, as we keep branching out, our scars although they remain a part of us they become a smaller part of who we are.



Beauty is what will make us strong as a people. To be able to stand against the storm the world has to throw at us, we have to be sincere in beautifying ourselves. This has to be done through building character, in how we act and how we treat others. That we must have compassion and love for others.


A lot of people tend to forget that Umar RA was once a woman beater, a drunk and at one point his sole mission was to kill Muhammad PBUH, a man whom he was destined to embrace as a brother later on. After he embraced the divine beauty in his life he eventually became a man whose examples are worthy for us to follow.


When he became the Statesmen of Medina, he would be seen walking around the streets of Medina to see if people needed assistance. Can you imagine anybody today with a position in state governance walking among the people every other night seeking if they needed assistance?


Beautiful people don’t happen because they had no past, or because life was smooth sailing for them. On the contrary, beautiful people actually happen because they had storms to endure. This is how you become beautiful.


Whatever your past, whatever the pain and suffering you’re enduring now. If you are sincere in accepting the fact that you are beautiful because of them, and that you can outgrow your mistakes, then you too, like the trees can grow up to the heavens.






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