Muhammad Ali Tribute

It is almost a month since the death of Muhammad Ali. There’s a lot of things I wish I could say to pay tribute to this man but my words always fall short.

He was a boxer, a poet, and social activists. I think anybody who studies his life can see what a beautiful man he was.

All I wish I can say is that we be able to carry his legacy in whatever small way that we can. There is no need for another  giant like him to come out during our time but all us”small” guys out there need to step up our game.


“I hope that one day all nations great and small will be able to stand up and say we live in pursuit of peace for all. Maybe that there will come a day when instead of saying, “God bless America,” or “God bless some other country”, everyone everywhere will say, “God bless the world” -Muhammad Ali, The Soul of a Butterfly.-

An article I wrote for Zilzar Life on Ali:

Muhammad Ali: A Superhero Of Our Time


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