How To Adult? Learning From Kids

In my journey of becoming an adult I often find myself absolutely clueless in what that means. A lot of adults I have spoken to can be quite dull. There’s little excitement or curiosity in them to experience life anymore.

Because of the lack of excitement from a lot of adults to live life, I feel that there are more that I can learn from kids in how to become a successful adult.

Kids are more often than always excited, enthusiastic, and curious about what’s going on around them at that moment. Instead of worrying about things that have happened, about to happen, or things that could or should happen. They are mindful of their current surrounding and state. This is something I need to learn for my mind is always running all over the place.

There is a sense of courage within children that we all should admire. Kids are never afraid of trying new things. They would run to the unknown head on without looking back. They would figure out their way around obstacles as they move forward. Imagine chasing after your dreams and goals in the same manner. The amazing things you could achieve in a matter of weeks!

Kids are not too concerned about getting hurt as they push forward. They bruise easier than grown ups but they recover from it fast as well. They do not let the cuts and bruises to stop them from pursuing their next adventure, and every day is an adventure to them.

Since every day is an adventure they make sure they allow each day to be a new start. Kids rarely carry baggage from yesterday to the next day. When a new day starts you have committed no wrong on that day. So, why punish yourself over what happened yesterday on a clean slate?

Even if the scars from yesterday are visible kids usually wear them as a badge of honor. They carry it as battle scars to show that they are stronger and wiser now instead of something to be ashamed of. Some of us tend to think that when we’re older, showing battle scars is a sign of weakness. So, we hide it and at times it eats us up inside. As a kid, I remember I used to proudly showcase all of my wounds to other kids when I’m patched up for recovery.

Kids understand recovering from a scar is an honorific process and that is something more adults needs to start acknowledging.

Learning to be playful and passionate again like kids as adults is a process that we all need to embark in. Kids are so generous with their time and focus on details when they get lost working on something that excites them. It’s always a thrill to watch kids “work” and play.
Some of the most amazing inventions and discoveries in the world are pursued by people with a playful nature and burning passion, to work hard. If we are going to see a better world soon, we need more adults to start practicing some these traits again.

“Kids are more often than always excited, enthusiastic, and curious about what’s going on around them at that moment.” My friend’s cute kid can teach us all a thing or two about adulting.

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