Creative Solutions. Social Enterprise

Entrepreneurs and Creatives have a lot of character traits that overlap if they are to succeed in their respective field. Writing can be quite an isolating process, and one of the main struggles of that process is to ensure you keep yourself constantly motivated and energetic.

Last weekend I took some time out to be with a group of like-minded people to absorb some positive energy at the Magic Social Enterprise Bootcamp. There were some amazing people on that weekend, with loads to offer. I had the honor of playing “CEO” for my group in the last two days of the boot camp. The team I was assigned to, lead us to win the pitching session for our SE idea. It was an amazing assembly with the likes of Aaron Nason, Keith Kuang, Hui San, Khairul Anuar, Shawn, Ms. Kho, Kenny and Nadhirah Ibrahim who did an excellent job in delivering our 3 minutes pitch.


What I learned on that weekend is that a lot of creativity is needed to solve problems as an entrepreneur. As a writer, I feel that you are constantly solving problems to be creative.

Our label obsessed society would lead us to believe that these two things are meant to be in separate boxes. However, I feel that the world is in dire need of people who carry the spirit of both the artist and a merchant. The world is sick and our healing process can go far if we solve our problems through creative solutions.

Our current model of commerce globally is one where we keep extracting and extracting until we have no more to extract. This would lead to our destruction unless we change the way we think.

If you’re wondering if there is another way to do business than what we currently have that is where creative solutions are needed. People of different skill sets need to come together and figure out how do we change the current landscape.

We have more than enough resources in the world to feed everybody on the planet that it is wrong on so many level that there are those living in poverty as we speak.

We need creatives to create the vision of a new way of doing things and we need entrepreneurs to come out with practical steps in how to do it. It is ideal that we nurture both spirits in an individual but we need these different players to come together more than ever today to start building.


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