Building Communities

Building a community is a process of getting to know one another. That process is a challenging one. As most of us would only prefer to see things in black and white rather than celebrating the different colors in the rain.

Forgetting that we only become strong as a community when we stand together. That our strength is derived from our diversity and not because we are all identical.

For those who want us all to be clones of one another simply lack imagination, love, and compassion in their hearts. Love can only exist in us if we extend it to those who are different than us.

If it is confined to those who are only the same as us then we only leave space to discriminate.

Building a community is a labor of love and we need to be vulnerable to love. Vulnerability opens us up to being hurt, and getting hurt is just part of the process of loving.


Love can only exist if we extend it to those who are different than us.


For us to connect hearts we must first seek the light and wisdom in ourselves. None of our technological advancement, financial finesse, nor the massive architectural structure has been able to bring us together.

To build any community we have to strive to be lovable ourselves. And that is a mission that we would be working on for a life time.

The sacred path needs us all to work not just in feeding our stomachs but to feed the soul. We only feed the soul by going out of our way to connect with others and the nature around us.

It bothers me how little I know about other people’s culture, faith, language, and customs. How is it that our social structure tends to keep us away from one another, as though I would be less me if I know more about them.

But in all my journey in speaking with “others” the more I realize that I am them and they are me. The only way for us to connect with the suffering of people around the world, we need to be able to stand together and say out loud that everybody has the rights to this earth. And that the earth’s rights on us are greater than ours on them.

We have exhausted the planet enough of its resources through our ignorance, especially of one another. It is now time to reclaim our humanity, by opening ourselves to loving others.


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