Courage: Never Too Late Nor Too Early

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”


Benjamin Button wrote these words for his daughter. A good reflection for any new day we are blessed to witness.  The scene this quote is dfrom:

This whole scene could be tied to one theme. Courage. It takes a lot of guts to re-evaluate our lives and see if we’re on the track we intended. Mistakes are unavoidable in our journey searching for meaning in life. We misread maps and signs. Lose loved ones and other possessions.
Whichever path we’ve all chosen for ourselves, these are missteps we’ve all made at least once. Life is this crazy travel package we all so happen to have acquired.

One of the best things about traveling to anywhere is that our world would be turned upside down. Things that we are familiar with would be something else, somewhere else.

“Who drinks coffee in a bag?” I was asked.
“Well, who drinks coffee in a bowl? You got mugs for that.” A small exchange between a friend and myself in a small town in France.

We’ll meet people who do things uniquely and there’s allurement in all of our ways. Each person we’ll meet is a universe, and like any universe you’ll find cosmic wonders and chaos.

“I love you”. 3 words we all yearn to hear from someone we feel the same way. Love seems like such an abstract idea but it is perhaps the most real human experience I can attest to.

One moment someone could say these words to you and the next they leave you out in the cold with barely any piece of yourself or memory of it ever happening. But your feelings remember you. And they stay with you, both the good and the bad.

If we strive to experience the highest of human experience, the lowest of it is inevitable. Restarting our journey time and time again is not optional but mandatory. Courage is the one tool that really matters in resetting our course to reach our destination.


Know that we are all aspiring to somewhere good, although the road we take may differ but we all aim to go to the same place.

Living is an art that is worth pursuing. Making mistakes is human. Admitting them and struggling to improve them is divine. We’re all messy as people. Have the courage to acknowledge that and work on it.

Most of all have the courage to know there is no such thing as too early or too late to do anything. We are always on time when it comes to doing the right thing.


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