I’ll Be Your Wingman

“Aku Wingman Kau” translated as I’m your Wingman is a short in Malay by Halal Speed Dating where I play a guy who’s discussing to his friends the prospect of getting married. The characters of the friends are played by my real life friends. Josh, the wingman. Hazri, shades guy. Jaz, sexy brown guy.

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in-alax6_NE

An English translation, unfortunately, is not available.

But, here’s the general story for my non-Malay speaking friends.

My character tells his friends that he wants to get married when Hazri mentions that he saw an ex-girlfriend of my character. Hijaz and Hazri laugh their ass off

Josh, who plays the character of the wingman tells them that we’ve signed up for Halal Speed Dating. A matchmaking platform for those who are seeking to get married and that he would be my wingman.

Hijaz and Hazri laugh even louder as you can see in the video.

5 months later, my character gives them a wedding invitation card, and Josh and I discover that they do not have any candidates or prospect for themselves. We both laugh back at their faces.

The script was written, edited, and directed by the Halal Speed Dating team. Munirah Tunai, Din Othman, and Zuhri Yuhyi. The conversation in the short is based on a true story of one of the participants who successfully found his spouse through HSD.

To find out more about Halal Speed Dating, please visit their official site at: http://halalspeeddating.com/


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