Gratitude: Mother Of All Virtues

Gratitude, I have been told that it is not only one of the great virtues but the mother of all virtues. The concept of being grateful for what we have, whether it’s a little bit or a lot was foreign to me.

I always thought that people are only grateful because that their life is blessed. It took me a while to realize that it was the other way around. People’s lives are blessed when they’re grateful.

The happiest people I have been around with and the most attractive ones were always those who complain a lot less and practiced gratitude.

They weren’t necessarily people who had a smooth ride in life. Not at all. In fact, they’ve gone through things in life that I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to carry such a weight on my shoulders.

But, they persevere. They face their problems head on and find ways around them. If life is a battlefield that we are charging into, then gratitude is the armor that we wear in battle.

I’ve also met people who have the world at their feet one way or another. They could be blessed with wealth, intelligence, health, time, energy, and family. Somehow, they always have a reason to complain about everything. And they stay with the same problem for years.

We forget that all of us are given different provisions in life and that our resources are not limited to just money alone. As I’m typing this right now, I’m doing this on an ironing board in the living area.

My room recently has been rendered as a health hazard to live in. Some jackets(My favorite ones) that looked brand new just a week ago, has now decayed because it was exposed to the air in the room. It has something to do with the corals in the empty fish tank that the room is attached to.

My option now is either to cry about how every little thing in my life has gone wrong, or acknowledge that it’s all just a test and part of my journey.


Every day when the sun rises we have the choice to either make the best of things or the worst of things. Gratitude can only be practiced once we understand that life isn’t meant to be perfect.

That our only job is to strive to be better and the best that we can. We’re always going to fall short and that’s the adventure.

But, while we’re on this crazy ride, there is no reason not to take notice of the little things. Even something as small as our fingers being able to hold a pen or put food in our mouth is such a delight.

If we can acknowledge every little thing that has gone wrong in life there is no reason why we can’t open our eyes to all the small good things. They’re both there. It’s about where we want to spend most of our time with.


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