Reflections from The Alchemist

A personal legend is a concept I was recently introduced to when I read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A novel about a young shepherd’s journey in search of his personal legend as he travels to the great Pyramids.

A personal legend is something that you have always wanted to accomplish in your life. All of us know our personal legend when we were younger.

It is our purpose for being sent to earth in the first place. We all have our own heroic poem to write in this world. Each of us with a unique rhythm, prose, plot, and twist.

Here are 4 reflections of mine from the Alchemist.

1) Signs of life

In finding our purpose in life we have to first pay attention to the signs that are sent to us. All of us are constantly receiving signs, we just have to pay attention to them. On most days, the signs are subtle. But, there are days it will be as though you were hit in the head by a brick with a note.

The signs of our life are constantly directing us to get on a path. If we ignore the path we’re supposed to walk on is there any wonder why we feel so lost on some days?

I’m a firm believer that what makes us the best version of who we are is because of our life’s calling. So, pay attention to the signs.


“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”


2) The Test
In the Alchemist, when the shepherd went out to chase his personal legend, he ended up losing all of his worldly possessions. This was his test. It was to see whether he truly believed and wanted to find his life’s purpose.

All of us have experienced beginner’s luck when it comes to some venture we pursue. When our beginner’s luck strikes out it will feel like a never-ending, uphill battle.

Getting on the path of finding our personal legend will not be an easy one. But, it would be worth it.

3) Love
Love, probably the one thing we all seek in life with a passion. My big takeaway when it comes to love from the novel is not to worry.

The young shepherd fell in love with a desert woman in the middle of his journey. He wanted to forget his personal legend to be with her. But, she told him to continue his journey. Stating that they should trust the desert will bring him back.

If it’s true love then it would come back to us. If it doesn’t come back it’s not true love. So, do not worry.

4) Seek within
The boy traveled the world in search of hidden treasures in the Pyramids. But, by the end of it, the treasure he found was really in himself. Nothing would replace the lesson he received from traveling around the world. Meeting the people he met and seeing things through a new lens.

Whatever our personal legends are we have to seek within. The answers are within us. But, we will only find them when we go out looking.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist-


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